Many crawl spaces, especially those in the South Eastern part of the country are subjected to moisture damage due to our high heat and humidity. Warm, moist air enters the crawl space and meets up with cooler elements such as HVAC duct work and cold water pipes and condensation forms.

This dark moist environment is the perfect breeding ground for fungal growth, and left unchecked it can lead to structural damage and poor indoor air quality.

When structural wood is significantly damaged, it becomes unable to bear the weight of your home and floors may begin to sag and become uneven, doors may begin to stick, windows may be hard to open and close and cracks will begin to form in your drywall. Because homeowners rarely, if ever venture into their crawl spaces, they may be unaware that there are any problems until they begin to notice some of these telltale signs.

If you are noticing any of the previously mentioned signs of trouble, call us at 757-397-3787 for a free inspection and estimate. With years of experience identifying and repairing structural damage, we can offer you a competitive estimate to repair any damage that may already exist as well as offer long term solutions to control moisture problems in your crawl space.