Crawl Space Repair in VIrginia Beach, Virginia

Our pest control company told us we had a high level of moisture in our crawl space, and that a lot of our beams and joist had moisture damage. They didn’t offer to repair any of the damage that had already been done, they just wanted to treat it for mold and sell us a crawl space encapsulation. Crawl Space Experts repaired all of the damage and encapsulated our crawl space for less than what they wanted to charge for the encapsulation alone.                                              Betty M. Chesapeake Va.


We were selling our home of almost 30 years, and found out from the termite and moisture inspection that practically our whole crawl space needed to be repaired. We had tons of termite and moisture damage. Our agent recommended Crawl Space Experts to do the repairs. Gary and his crew did great work. I would recommend them to anyone.                                                    Martin K. Virginia Beach Va.                                         


We recently remodeled our kitchen and added granite counter tops and a lot of heavy tile. We also often have parties with as many as 30 people, and they all love to hang out in the kitchen. We were worried about all the extra weight in our older house, so we had Crawl Space Experts reinforce all the joist under our kitchen. They did great work and were very reasonably priced. We feel a lot more confident about the floor holding up to all the extra weight.                        Jennifer S. Virginia Beach Va.


I am a realtor in Hampton Roads. Whenever I am representing a home seller that needs to have repairs done in their crawl space I always call Crawl Space Experts. They do great work, their prices are much more reasonable than most companies, and they get the work done fast! They are the only company I ever call.                                                                                                                Bob C. Virginia Beach Va.


These guys know what they are doing. On time, always polite. They kept everything clean throughout the project. Finished in great time, great work, great price. Easy to work with. My repair looks better than ever before. Truly beautiful. They made sure everything was right and even repaired the framing stronger than the original 1984 build. Would recommend for anyone every time.                                                                      Haylee M. Virginia Beach Va.